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Windmill Cluster

The Windmill Cluster of Schools has a total of 10 schools working together.

• Christ Church Streatham Church of England Primary School

• Holy Trinity Church of English Primary School

• Jubilee Primary School

• Richard Atkins Primary School

• St Jude’s Church of England Primary School

• Sudbourne Primary School

• Orchard Primary School

• St Luke’s Primary School

• Holmewood Nursery School

• City Heights E-Act Academy


Cluster Aims and Objectives



To work together, both within schools and with our partner organisations, to share ideas, resources and expertise across the settings to fully support and facilitate the highest outcomes in attainment and aspirations for our pupils, parents, families, staff and wider communities.


1. To work together with trust and respect to raise standards and improve Teaching & Learning across the cluster schools community.

2. To generate opportunities for improved outcomes across the cluster schools community.

3. To share and pool resources to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the cluster schools community.

4. To provide community support and development for all stakeholders within the cluster schools community to feel that they belong to a community of schools, which they can easily approach for support and information without any barriers.

5. To build relationships across the cluster leadership, provide support to individual Heads and sustain leadership across the cluster schools community.


We have worked together to formulate a Mission Statement that reflects the aspirations of our individual settings working within the wider context of the cluster community:

Windmill Cluster of Schools Mission Statement

**Working in a network to secure outstanding educational achievement in order to enhance the life chances of our pupils**

Our mission statement underpins all cluster activities.



The Windmill Cluster Community Partnership Manager is Rachel Thomas, and her role is to develop collaborative arrangements between schools and partner organisations to support the aims and vision of the Windmill School Cluster.

Windmill Cluster Report 2017/2018

Windmill Cluster Report 2016/2017

Windmill Cluster Report 2015/2016

Windmill Cluster Report 2014/15


 Windmill Cluster of Schools is committed to ensuring a proactive anti-racist approach in all areas of partnership work and strives to embed diversity and inclusion across our shared schools’ culture. We aim to address discrimination through the positive advancement of equity; creating learning opportunities, events and celebrations together which promote respect for all.?