School Uniform

School Uniform

We expect the children of St. Luke’s to wear school uniform as follows:

Main Uniform

  • School sweatshirt or cardigan (must have the school logo)

  • Red polo shirt

  • Navy school trousers or skirt

  • Navy or white socks or tights

  • Black school shoes to be worn (boots can be worn to and from school but pupils must wear school shoes in school)

  • Navy or black school coat

Optional summer wear:

  • Girls – pale blue and white checked or striped blue dresses

  • School cardigan (logo) only

  • Boys – navy shorts

Optional winter wear:

  • Red long sleeved polo shirt

Available for outdoor wear only:

  • Navy fleece with school logo (optional)

Bags: (The book bags are essential for pupils in Infants classes)

  • Book bag (red with logo) optional

  • or if a child needs a bigger bag Racksack (red with logo)

If your child is not using a school bag, the bag should be a plain bag (no football, sport logo or character bags).

The following items are not school uniform:

  • Layered skirts

  • Pinafore dresses

  • Pattern socks

  • Jogging bottoms

  • Leggings, shorts or long sleeve tops that are visible underneath pupil’s polo shirts, skirts or dresses

  • Fabric shoes

  • Open toed sandals

  • Trainers

  • Boots (pupils must have school shoes to wear in school)

  • Caps or coloured hats

  • Hoodies


Physical Education (PE)

All children must have PE kit permanently in school to change into:

  • Red t-shirt and navy shorts

  • Navy track suit for outdoor games in winter

  • Black or white plimsolls/trainer

Tracksuits may be worn for outside games.

Pupils in Year 3 take part in swimming - the swimming instructors insists that the girls wear swim costumes (no bikinis or two pieces) and the boys should wear swimming trunks (no shorts).  Googles and swimming hats should also be worn.


Personal Appearance

No jewellery (with the exception of small stud earrings) is allowed to be worn – this is for safety reasons. Please make sure your child does not wear any jewellery, as it will have to be removed when they reach school. We will not be responsible for any jewellery that is brought into school.

Long hair should be tied back.  Hair accessories should be in school colours (red and/or blue).  Mohicans and designs on haircuts for boys are not suitable for school.

Strictly no nail varnish or tattoos


Items with the School Logo

The school has several items with the school logo on;-



Polo Shirt

Navy Fleece

PE red top


Caps (will be ready shortly)

Book Bags

Pupils MUST wear sweatshirt and cardigan with the school logo on, all the other items do not need to be logo'd. 

Items with the school logo are available from Wearabouts, based in West Norwood and School Wear United, based in Norwood (



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