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Parents Workshop Programme 2022/2023

At St Luke’s, we believe that it is essential to develop strong partnerships with home, if our children are to reach their full potential. Parents and schools working together can only increase pupil achievement and help develop positive attitudes about self and school.

As part of this partnership, we hold regular parent workshops to keep parents informed of current developments within the school and our curriculum so that they can best support their children at home.

Autumn Term 1

Tuesday 13th September 2022       Phonics Workshop for Reception Parents

Facilitator: Ms Emmile

This presentation is designed to help parents to support the teaching of phonics and early reading with their child. The progression of phonics will be shared along with tips on how to pronounce each letter sound and games and songs to promote the retention of phonics learning. Advice will also be given on how to read with your child to practice and reinforce their phonetical knowledge.


Tuesday 27th September 2022         Secondary School Admissions Briefing

Facilitator: Mrs Atkins and Ms S Bryan-Whyte

This presentation is for Year 6 parents and outlines the admissions process for secondary school places. The workshop will look at secondary schools that children have moved to in the past: key dates and help with completing the secondary school admission form so that parents are more informed about the secondary schools on offer in our area.

Thursday 29th September 2022         Year 5 Residential Meeting

Facilitator: Mrs Atkins and Ms S Bryan-Whyte

This meeting is for Year 5 parents to discuss the planned residential in May 2023.


Autumn Term 2

Tuesday 15th November 2022     Strategies in School to Help Children Learn

Facilitator: Mrs S Bryan-Whyte

Research shows that our brains remember things more efficiently when we know the ‘bigger picture’ and can see the way that nuggets of knowledge within that subject area link together.


Tuesday 13th December 2022             Maths

Facilitator: Mrs Addo 

Join our session aimed at sharing strategies used in school.

We will share ideas, games and resources to use at home. Do come and join us for a fun session.


Spring Term 1

Thursday 5th January 2023                Online Safety

Facilitator: Childnet International

Online safety is whole community issue and this presentation is designed to improve parents’ knowledge and understanding of the risks your child may face online. It also provides practical strategies and advice to help parents support your child online and signpost to further resources and reporting sites which you may find useful.


Friday 20th January 2022                         Zones of Regulation

Facilitator: Ms Baker

We would love to introduce you to our approach to Zones of Regulation.  It is intended to build, self and social awareness as well as self –regulation skills essential for success in school.


Spring Term 2

Tuesday 14th March 2023                          Relationship and Health Education Child

Facilitator: Janis Marsh

As a school, we are using the Jigsaw PSHE programme to teach the Statutory Relationship and Health Education Curriculum.

Parents in Years 1-6 will be informed of each lesson that will be taking place including the learning objective of each lesson along with the vocabulary being taught.


Summer Term 1

Tuesday 18th April 2023                                       SEND

Facilitator: Ms Baker

An opportunity for parents to meet our team, including the school Nurse and Educational Psychologist. This is an information sharing session where you will also hear about our SEND Strategy and ask any questions you might have.

Monday 24th April 2023                                       Self-Care for Parents

The course is designed as an innovative series of taster sessions encouraging Resilience,

Reverence/Gratitude and being Remarkable; all using creative expression through Affirmation, Self-Care, Spoken Word, Design and much more. 





Tuesday 25th April 2023                                      Reading with Your Child

Facilitator: Ms Emmile/Ms Greenway

An overview of the Reading Journey at St Luke’s from Early Reading to development of skills that enable children to access the rich reading world around them.


Summer Term 2

Tuesday 9th May 2023                                                  Computing - Coding

Facilitator: Ms Boakye

Coding is now embedded in our lives, we all use apps, website and web applications every day.  Join us for a fun session where we will share with you the fundamentals concepts of coding.


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