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 On 22 and 23 March, St. Luke’s School was graded GOOD by Ofsted.   We are extremely pleased to be able to share the final Ofsted Report with you. 


We are proud of our achievements, particularly given the fact that the Ofsted Framework had recently changed and that Covid-19 has created a difficult climate for all education providers.  Covid-19 particularly impacted upon our school in terms of staff absence.


St Luke's continues to be a good school

Our Pupils:

'Pupils enjoy coming to school'

'Pupils are polite and respectful to others'

'The school's values and ethos, such as being confident and responsible, are evident across the school'

'Pupils are safe and said that they feel safe'

'Pupils with SEND are fully included in lessons'

Our Early Years:

'Pupils respond well to routines'

'Children get off to a strong start in the early years'

Learning at St Luke's:

'Leaders are ambitious for all pupils', including those with SEND'

'The school's curriculum is well planned and sequenced'

'Leaders have a clear rationale of the important knowledge that pupils need to know'

'Pupils have positive attitudes towards their learning'

'Wide ranging opportunities are on offer to promote pupils' wider development and interests'

The report also outlines some of the areas that we are developing as a school and gives us tangible next steps.

The school is currently undertaking training for Read, Write Inc, a systematic, synthetic phonics programme, which has been successfully implemented. We have also ensured that staff have the expertise to teach all pupils including the weakest readers and that pupils have the reading books that closely match the sound that they know.

As a forward thinking school, we always aim to become better for the benefit of our children. We embrace the next steps and look forward to achieving and building on them.

 Click here to view the report Ofsted Report March 2022



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